The Lincoln Christmas Market

2nd to 5th DECEMBER 2021
39th Year
Since 1982
¼ Million Visitors
Over 4 days
250+ Stalls
Over 5 key areas
Unlimited Fun
and Festive Gifts

Key Information for The Lincoln Christmas Market - Dec 2021

When is the Lincoln Christmas Market 2021?

The Lincoln Christmas Market 2021 is from Thursday to Sunday, 2nd to 5th December 2021, throughout the day and into the night. It's typically the first weekend in December, depending how the year falls.

Lincoln Christmas Market Opening Times:

Thursday 2nd December 12:00 - 21:30
Friday 3rd December 10:00 - 21:30
Saturday 4th December 10:00 - 21:30
Sunday 5th December 10:00 - 19:00

Dates and opening hours for Lincoln Christmas Market - December 2021

How much is the Lincoln Christmas Market?

Entrance is FREE - what you spend on food, drink and beautiful gifts is an entirely different matter!

The cost to enter the Lincoln Christmas Market is free in general, on some years there's been a small cost to access the Bishops Palace which is run by English Heritage and the charge helps towards the maintenance of the site, however, it is unclear if this area will form part of the market this year.

You'll definitely need to bring cash as there's so many fantastic gifts, food, drink and activities. Many stall holders will have card machines but as you'd expect, many operate on cash only.

There is a charge for the Markets park-and-ride which varies on day, age and other factors.

Entry cost to the Lincoln Christmas Market.

How to Get to Lincoln by Car, Coach and Train

Extra trains are chartered especially for the Christmas Market period, to meet demand.

Check the LNER website for tickets and pricing.

Locomotive Sunday 8th: Fancy coming from the South in style?! Steam Dreams run from London Kings Cross, Finsbury Park, Potters Bar, Hitchin, Huntingdon.

Lincoln Train Station is part of their transport hub (see map ), located in the city centre. Google calculates as a 13 minute walk to the market (Castle Hill).

Taxis: There are taxi's outside or pre-bookable via Handsome Cabs.

Buses: There will be regular hopper buses from the city centre to the Market.

Various tour companies and national coach services come to Lincoln for The Lincoln Christmas Market. Those specific for the Market are likely to drop you off at the Park and Ride, at The Lincolnshire Showground. General coaches to Lincoln will terminate at the main bus station (see map ), part of Lincoln's transport hub in the city centre.

For tours companies or national coach services, please check your local operators.

If you are planning on coming to Lincoln by car, please be aware many roads close to the market and closed entirely or just for residents. If you have accommodation booked, please check their parking facilities. There are car parks throughout the city but be aware with over 250,000 visitors expected, they will be busy or full. The Park and Ride at The Lincolnshire Showground is a safe bet.


There is no parking in the vicinity of the Christmas Market so all cars should use the dedicated Christmas Market Park and Ride service which operates from the Lincolnshire Showground on the A15 just north of Lincoln. The park and ride site will be well sign posted on all approach roads and for those using a sat nav the postcode is LN1 2ZF (but please remember to follow directions/signs when approaching the venue). There is also a dedicated service for people with disabilities, using specially adapted vehicles which also runs from the showground. All buses drop off close to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life.

Lincolnshire Showground to Lincoln Christmas Market

The Lincolnshire Showground can be found on a Google map here or using their postcode in your sat nav (LN2 2NA). Please gate 1, there is ample parking for all size vehicles.

The City of Lincoln Council take the safety and security of visitors as top priority. Marshalls are carefully allocated to all parts of the Market to offer advice and assistance, as well as keep everyone safe. There are medical and welfare facilities on site for all visitors. If you have any concerns, please contact the Council directly.

We want everyone to feel welcome at The Lincoln Christmas Market, regardless of mobility, age or any other factors. It's a place of good spirit and good will.

As you'd expect, the Lincoln Christmas Market gets very busy and some parts can be more crowded than others. At night, it's 'mood lit' and not always easy to see. It can also be very loud around some parts such as the fairground rides.

There isn't an official accessibility guide that we know of so advice is to be cautious and ask City of Lincoln Council if you need to know more. The Lincoln Christmas Market is situated in old and historic parts of Lincoln where there are cobbled streets, raised steps or places of potentially difficult access - the Bishops Palace as example is particularly difficult. Westgate in contrast is just a standard street closed off with level pavement and wide tents. For those less ambulant, the Council have placed ramps wherever possible but of course, there are limitations and restrictions to various parts so we advice caution and managing expectations when planning your visit.

There are public toilets available to visitors, these include accessible toilets for those less-able. Locations vary so please ask marshalls/stewards for advice.

With exception of registered assistant dogs for those who have visual impairment, there are stictly no other dogs or pets allowed at the Market. It is very busy and not appropriate, safe or suitable for animals. Marshalls will ask you to leave if you bring pets.

Children and families love The Lincoln Christmas Market - it's a great place for kids of all ages and builds the excitement towards the festive season. It's worth considering that the Market can be very crowded at times, pushchairs and prams can be difficult to navigate and there is risk of people falling into them. Some areas are steeper or less appropriate, or not accessible for pushchairs and prams too, please bear this in mind. Child carriers for the very young might be a better option and the daytime when it's less busy if not. Always keep your children in sight, it can be easy to lose them in the crowds.

Who runs The Lincoln Christmas Market?

This website is informational born through a love of the Lincoln Christmas Market and wanting to help those coming to the Market. We are not part of the organisaton team.

The market is organised, paid for and run by The City of Lincoln council. To organise the market is a huge undertaking, with security, operational staff, road closures, safety inspections, organising stall holders, and so, so much more. Most years, The City of Lincoln council will make a financial loss running the market, with the sole purpose of promoting that Lincoln is one of the best cities in the United Kingdom, and a fantastic place to visit and stay. The market attendance and size grows most years. This ambitious gift to the city brings tourism and wider audiences to Lincoln helping the businesses that define Lincolnshire grow.

It is with huge gratitude and thanks we say to the council - well done team.

For most questions, please look around this website. We've done our best to address and answer all questions that might arise. If you cannot find an answer, the City of Lincoln Council contact details are by email: or calling 01522 873503.

Stall Holders

If you're a stall holder or wish to be a stall holder - you can apply online here where you will find more information on the process.