The Lincoln Christmas Market

2nd to 5th DECEMBER 2021

How to get to the Lincoln Christmas Market

Getting to the Lincoln Christmas Market

By Train

There will be extra trains are chartered especially for the Christmas Market period, to meet demand.

Please check the LNER website for tickets and pricing.

Fabulous Locomotive Sunday 8th: Fancy coming from the South in style?! Steam Dreams run from London Kings Cross, Finsbury Park, Potters Bar, Hitchin, Huntingdon.

The Lincoln Train Station is part of their transport hub (see map ), located in the city centre. Google calculates as a 13 minute walk to the market (Castle Hill).

Taxis: There are taxi's outside or pre-bookable via Handsome Cabs.

Buses: There will be regular hopper buses from the city centre to the Market.

By Coach/Bus

There are various tour companies and national coach services that come to Lincoln for The Lincoln Christmas Market. Those specific for the Market are likely to drop you off at the Park and Ride, at The Lincolnshire Showground. General coaches to Lincoln will terminate at the main bus station (see map ), part of Lincoln's transport hub in the city centre.

To find tours companies or national coach services, please check your local operators.

By Car

For those planning on coming to Lincoln by car, please be aware many roads close to the market and closed entirely or just for residents. Should you have accommodation booked, please check their parking facilities. You'll find there are car parks throughout the city but be aware with over 250,000 visitors expected, they will be busy or full. The Lincoln Christmas Market Park-and-Ride at The Lincolnshire Showground is a safe bet.

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