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Accessibility & Suitability for the Lincoln Christmas Market 2023

The information below is from previous years. The 2023 market is cancelled.
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Information of suitability & facilities for Lincoln Christmas Market 2023

Less-able, disabled, elderly at the Christmas Market

We want everyone to feel welcome at The Lincoln Christmas Market, regardless of mobility, age or any other factors. It's a place of good spirit and good will.

As you'd expect, the Lincoln Christmas Market gets very busy and some parts can be more crowded than others. At night, it's 'mood lit' and not always easy to see. It can also be very loud around some parts such as the fairground rides.

There isn't an official accessibility guide that we know of so advice is to be cautious and ask City of Lincoln Council if you need to know more. The Lincoln Christmas Market is situated in old and historic parts of Lincoln where there are cobbled streets, raised steps or places of potentially difficult access - the Bishops Palace as example is particularly difficult. Westgate in contrast is just a standard street closed off with level pavement and wide tents. For those less ambulant, the Council have placed ramps wherever possible but of course, there are limitations and restrictions to various parts so we advice caution and managing expectations when planning your visit.

Toilets & Washrooms at the Christmas Market

There are public toilets available to visitors, these include accessible toilets for those less-able. Locations vary so please ask marshalls/stewards for advice.

Babies, Children and Kids at the Christmas Market

Children and families love The Lincoln Christmas Market - it's a great place for kids of all ages and builds the excitement towards the festive season. It's worth considering that the Market can be very crowded at times, pushchairs and prams can be difficult to navigate and there is risk of people falling into them. Some areas are steeper or less appropriate, or not accessible for pushchairs and prams too, please bear this in mind. Child carriers for the very young might be a better option and the daytime when it's less busy if not. Always keep your children in sight, it can be easy to lose them in the crowds.

Pets & Assistance Dogs

With exception of registered assistant dogs for those who have visual impairment, there are stictly no other dogs or pets allowed at the Lincoln Christmas Market. It is very busy and not appropriate, safe or suitable for animals. Marshalls will ask you to leave if you bring pets.

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